Keeping The Faith

You go along, feeling pretty good about things made and have some good ideas for later.

Then you go down some rabbit hole and bump into the over achievers on steroids.
Drinking beer or wine, or beer and wine, usually helps you get over it and back to work.

Joking aside, some people like the one below, are in a league of their own, and you just know you are not playing the same game.


True that! :smile:

Burn the witch ! lol

seriously - that is some talent they have !.. :star_struck:


Amazing designer and web site for inspiration

Almost makes my eyes hurt!

Stellar, gives me a faith in the beauty of the human mind to create.

16th Century, Netherlands. About 5cm in diameter, 2cm in depth. Boxwood. The Rothschild collection at the British Museum is very impressive.