Kentucky Bourbon Trail variation

Ive been making different types of these all year! Huge bourbon fan straight outta Kentucky lol. Im impressed every time by my laser. Its a really good trail also.

Kentucky Bourbon trail svg - Copy Listing - Etsy


The Etsy link goes to a sign on page for Etsy.

Yes its on Etsy. I meant to upload a picture of just the sign and not the link but…

Would love to see a picture, but there isn’t one. Maybe just drag and drop a photo into a reply box.

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I just get an uh oh page on etsy.

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FYI - you can add your Etsy link to your profile so it’s easy to find :slight_smile:


I love it and will def need that for my local (Louisville, KY) customers. But I don’t think the highways are right. 65 is a north south hwy. 64 is east west.


Good catch!

I’ve travelled them both all my life. :wink:


Thank you. I’m terrible at this lol

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You are right! I have to correct that ASAP and thanks!

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I double checked it. The highways are right. Thank god lol!

I was curious, so I checked too. Looks like 65 and 64 need to be switched in the photo. I’m not familiar with Kentucky at all, but @n_dawson’s observation matches my google map.

I’m not sure if you fixed it already. The thread kind of confused me. But the whiskey map is super cool, and I would’ve never noticed the highways.


It’s correct.

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