Kerf Adjustment Assistance Please

I have read through all of the kerf info I can find on this forum. Spent a day using some of the formulas and other things people have tried to figure it out and burning through some wood to see if my adjustments were working.

Interest of full disclosure I am dyslexic and at times numbers are a bit backwards in my brain. Once I do figure things out I’m pretty good at taking it from there.

I have the Glowforge Pro and I use Illustrator.

I thought I had it figured out at one point but alas that was not the case. I had to shelve it for a while to let my brain attempt to process some of the info. I think I am ready to tackle it again now that my outside stress has been reduced.

When adjusting for Kerf are you adjusting the entire template or just where it interlocks?

I purchased this wine holder template its set for 6mm. I have only included two parts.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Only where it interlocks to use your terminology. Doing a quick check it looks like the slots are right at 6mm. Are you using 6mm ply or are you using 1/4 inch plywood? I would size the slots/interlocks :smiley: to the plywood that you’re using.

If you scale the rest of the design then you’re changing all of the dimensions. Depending on the design that might be OK, but generally I’d keep the overall dimensions the same if everything measure out properly other than the slots/interlocks.

It looks like you have a little clean-up to do on the file here and there too. This is zoomed no the slot in the bottom piece.


That slot measure out right at 6mm so you’d have a pretty good press fit if your material is exactly 6mm. Over that size and it won’t go together at all.

For most box tab/slot/interlock joints I don’t bother with kerf compensation at all. I size the tab/slot/interlock to the material I’m using. I only really worry about kerf compensation if I’m doing inlays/intarsia.


It’s 1/4 in birch plywood. Adjust in or out on the slots?

My other question to keep it uniform would I just adjust it in the offset path? When I click on the small piece.
Right now it says
Offset: 0.1389 in
Joins: Miter
Miter limit: 4

offset is going to be a pain because it will do the entire shape, not just the tabs.

I measured the Baltic Birch I have laying about and it measures .199 (5mm) whereas 6mm is .236 so you’re going to have to resize the slots. Evaluate each joint to determine if it is only width you need to modify of width and height.

Ok thanks will give it a try. Really appreciate your assistance.

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