Kerf-Canceling Mechanisms

This is potentially useful:

Kerf-canceling mechanisms replace laser-cut bearings, sliders, gear pairs, etc. Unlike their traditional counterparts, however, they keep working when manufactured on a different laser cutter and/or with different kerf. Kerf-canceling mechanisms achieve this by adding an additional wedge element per mechanism. We have created a software tool Kerf-Canceler that locates traditional mechanisms in cutting plans and replaces them with their kerf-canceling counterparts.

Most of the links to the full paper are broken but, I eventually tracked it down here (PDF).

There was also a paper on a press-fit mechanism (PDF) in their paper from last year:


This hurts my brain.


Very interesting!

…but I just design mine for the :glowforge:, but I guess that could change if I start selling designs? Then this could be handy information to have.

Thanks for expanding my knowledge on this matter either way!


Intriguing! Downloaded those to review some day. :smile:

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I didn’t understand at all from the first video but the paper makes perfect sense to me and yes it might come in very handy at some point. Thanks


Friggin awesome, but it hurt my brain. The printed info was a big help though. This was my range of motion trying to understand the engineering of it.

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