Kerf problems when resizing

I’m having a problem when resizing this file in Inkscape. I’m not sure how to change the slot size so the pieces fit together. I’m trying to do a 3- and 4-inch-tall piece. Any tips are appreciated.


plate stand-cut

You have to break apart the slot before you resize the piece, otherwise the slot will resize as well. Just go to node edit and put a break on the nodes that connect the slot from the piece.


Use the Node tool to select all the nodes to the right of the slot. Then you can drag them or manually tweak the X-coordinate.

CleanShot 2023-11-19 at 12.53.34


Thanks for the tips guys. Got it solved. @purplie Not only did it work here but I’ve got another project that I can use that tip.


Great Illustration! What did you use to create it?

just a screen recorder, CleanShot for Mac.

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