Key chain, Wood, Acrylic, Epoxy, and Leather


Still playing with what i can make with different media in one project. Key chain out of ply, turtle and tree leaves out of acrylic, tree trunk out of a sliver of ply, and the blue in the engraved name, and in the center of the turtle is Epoxy. Leather for the strap and ‘voila’ (which means, and then it was done :P).

Other than a tremendous amount of sanding, the tough part was getting the tree trunk to stay put and not float up in the liquid epoxy.


I like how the epoxy is ‘floating’ in there!


Thanks, I do as well, i poured the epoxy over the entire thing to act as the glue to hold it all together, it gave the turtle a nice slightly blue tint around the edge.


What a fantastic effect! :grinning::+1:


The addition of the palm tree … Along with the different materials … Really take this to the next level.


Oh now, that is really cute!


It looks great!

Do you mind sharing your source for your grommets? I can’t seem to find any that small.


Sure, went back and found when i ordered them: