Key Command Center


Made this “key command center” to provide a home for keys upon walking in the door. Saw a bunch of these on Pinterest so I made one for myself. I also used the keyhole hanger file to make it easier to hang. Thanks @jbmanning5.


That’s a creative idea. I need something that keeps our keys off of the spare counters.


Like the little his-n-hers keychains! Very cute idea! :grinning:


Awesome! That’s a great idea.

Now to forge something that makes you remember to put your keys on the key holder (that’s my problem)… :slight_smile:




I love these … we both have too many keys on our rings … so, figured they’d just fall off. Will have to just admire from afar! Yours looks great!


I might pocket a couple of neodymium magnets in engraved pockets so heavy keys (or rings with lots of keys) won’t fall out.

Really nice design though.


Wonderful idea and execution! You could even engrave your name and number on the back in case you lose your keys.


Email might work.