Keyboard rotate and resize

With the new calibration (hoorah!!!) I’ve got a GF that aligns pretty darn well.

So, now what I need is to be able to nudge rotate and resize to get perfect alignment over pre-printed materials.

Now, the UI is already processing the keyboard for arrow keys, so it occurs to me that it wouldn’t be hard to use some of the rest of the keyboard.

How about < and > for size down and up (or use , and . for small increments, shift < and > for big increments)

And for rotate you could use { and } for small rotatations and [ and ] for larger ones?

The UI pretty much knows how to do this already, so hopefully this is an easy fix to give a huge bonus feature.

This level of precision would make cutting pre-printed materials pretty near perfect


As you zoom in, the increments that nudging with the keyboard moves gets smaller. That has helped me. I have been able to resize fairly accurately by dragging the design up next to the rulers.
They keep refining the UI so they appreciate input. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll make sure the team gets this.