Keychains and Clipboards for booster club swag

Was asked by my local boosters club friends to help out with some swag for the local high school basketball team. They wanted something like a key chain tag to give out at the annual banquet.

Found some pleather tags at JPPlus for a reasonable price, as well as some clipboards.

The results look pretty decent. I created a template/jig for batch burns which I will attach. The outer box was for cutting out of cardboard jig, the inner ellipse was for centering the image/text. (and of course, you just ignore the ones not needed when doing the burns) Using a free svg pattern and some fiddling… logo for the front, and then names on the back. The jig allows for maintaining the registration between flips and swaps.
keychain name share

The burn was full speed, 14 power, 340 lpi which was in the range of suggested settings from JPPlus.

The clipboards were only complex because I wanted to burn the back of the thing, and the paper clip part made the whole thing to tall for the crumb tray (0.7 of an inch) which meant I needed to mess about with some spacers to get the target into the right height, and then get a registration dialed in so I could burn the three I needed. The logo was converted from a Jpeg to an SVG in Inkscape - which did take a bit of fiddling to get the detail right in black/white.

The clipboard burn was an hour!


These turned out fantastic and will be well received!


Yeah, nicely executed.

About how long did it take to do all the engraving?


for the key fobs - about 4-5 minutes a side for each - so ~20-25 minutes per jig which was 5 of them.


Wow, those all look great! The kids are really going to like those keychains, and the coaches (I’m guessing that’s who the receivers are) of the clipboards will as well! Good job!


Those turned out awesome!

I hope you realize you’ve locked in that job for life. Really nice work, and the personalization of each key fob will be much appreciated, I’m sure!