Keyed Wall Bracket

This is a keyed wall bracket. I think similar to a “floating” wall bracket. Seems sturdy enough. There are three layers of 3mm baltic plywood per bracket glued together for rigidity and strength. Need to counter sink the outer hole to be flush so the main arm bracket slides without catching. Too lazy to spackle and sand the layers so I’ll just live with the visible banding of the layers. Painting them black hides it pretty well.

I scanned the pattern from a 2003 Architectural Details book (Vintage Wood Works) that I found at a used book store. Then used Inkscape’s Trace Path feature. What a lifesaver!

wall bracket


Nicely done, thanks for sharing!


Nice result!


I really like your bracket to wall solution.


Nice share! Thank you!

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Thank you for sharing, my wife has been after me to make one for her to hang a lamp in the corner of her office.


Great share! Love how that fits together!!

This is really cool! Thank you for sharing!

Cool, I like the end result of your project.

Very nice!

Oooh! Lots of inspiration here! Great share!

Very nice! Thanks for the share.

I have forgotten how to download the file. Help please. Love your design.

Right click the file and save image as svg.

Thank You!

Beautiful! And such neat way to customize your space!

Awesome! Looks great. Thank you for sharing the file and how you did it.

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If you enlarged the middle layer and kept the bracket section the same size you would me the three layers look intentional. “It a design element!”

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Pretty smart. How much weight do you think it will hold?

With two brackets it supports at least 24 pounds (11Kg) on my test. It didn’t flex with that weight and you could always add more supports.