Keyhole Hangers

Did it save as an SVG?

Right click the mouse when the pointer is on top of the drawing I’ve circled in the screenshot of the original post.

If you’re on Chrome the right-click will popup a window that has a “save image as…” option. That should download the file as an SVG.

I just did it and it downloaded fine. I then opened up the GF app page, clicked Create, selected from a file and picked the download file and it loaded & is ready to go once I enter settings.


Great idea! Thanks so much!


That’s a great design. Any chance there’s a file for the cleat?

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Those were scrap cutouts, since, I just drew pairs of small rectangles that I could cut from scraps.

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Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been using it over and over! Great use for leftover wood too.

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I needed something like this, so first I searched the forum. And sure enough, I found what I needed!

So much great information out here!


I ended up modifying the hangers to allow for options when hanging also.

I added an option for tab and a ring, just in case the final recipients want to use other methods to hang the piece.

key hole


Nice options! Thanks for sharing.

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Hi there, I just found this post from way back where you show a boat construction. Do you still have the link to the website where you got the design from? I just did the steam punk inspired air ship from the catalog for my eldest son an now his brother asks for something similar…



That’s a great idea! Unfortunately, I no longer have that file, but it was shared by @marmak3261. That was years ago, so you would have to dig through the results of a search in “free laser designs” under his name.

You must show the results of that build! :star_struck:

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Which file? Boat or airship?


I may be mistaken, but I thought a file for this, or a link to it was from you. This one…

@ToGo, if you build this, glue all of those spars.


If only. Not my file. I limit myself to 100 nodes! :upside_down_face:


Thanks for investigating!!
I ended up making a version of the air balloon only, scaled up to 4mm material thickness. Funny how large the difference in size becomes when going from proofgrade 3,175 to 4mm. 0,825mm is so little but 25% a lot😉
Here are my two versions- and I wish I had received your glue recommendation in time: my boat section i a bit loose, neither sea nor air safe…


Great designs, and a polished build! I like all the detail, the lattice props remind me of the Dutch windmills. :sunglasses: Thanks for sharing your project!

How do you bookmark a post?

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Welcome to the community. This member has not been active on here for over a year.

Go to the three dots in a post and click on the bookmark icon.

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Bottom of every forum post…



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Welcome to the forum, good to see you here!