Keypad for what?

Only my 2nd design so far and I love it. The Glowforge is gonna let me finish so many old projects. If you know what movie this is from and what it was for, let me know.


Cool! (Die Hard?) :smile:


The Glowforge is a lot of fun … old projects and new!

That is a great print! Was it from a horror movie for people with OCD about number pad layouts?


Many things become new again with the :glowforge: . Anyway very nice detail.

Ok no one guessed it. It was from the 1st Resident Evil movie.


I love those films, but that was a pretty obscure screen shot!

Super faithful reproduction though. Nailed it!

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Ah, that was one of the good ones. I think I’ve seen them all, but the last couple have been…well…not as good.

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Looks awesome! What a neat thing to make!

Hope you don’t mind if I make one suggestion… gold laser foil for the traces!