Kid Safety Glasses

Hello all! We are excited to start unboxing our Glowforge Pro! I realize that it will act as a class 1 laser with the Pro Shields remaining installed, but when/if we start to utilize the pass through feature we would like to have safety glasses on hand for all family members (and might have everyone wear them whenever using the Glowforge as a “training” activity).

Where have you purchased safety glasses / goggles for your kids from? Our children are currently 3 and 6 years-old. Thank you all!

Fairly expensive. You will probably never use the pass thru with kids in the room. It’s too easy for an adult to bump the material that hangs out and ruin the project. Impossible for kids.


The Glowforge glasses are available from for $29, which is a pretty good deal. I paid a lot more for some significantly less stylish laser safety glasses.


I picked up a variety of safety glasses for myself and my visitors at:
but then also picked up a few kid sized glasses for my kids (although I typically keep them away from the laser) from