Kiddie pool? Nah! Into the deep end we go!


Good luck with that! With the quality of projects that you have I know you’ll do well.


You’re gonna be busy! :smile:


Yep. Yer gon’ dig. It’s fun. I’m in the deep end, treading water right now for 3 more weekends. Next year, I’m canonballing from the high dive! Online sales, square, efficient booth set ups, and officially licensed maker of local university items.


Business cards & card holders!
Comfy chair… also take lots of change in bills & pending price points, loose change. I average about an even split of cash vs. card sales!
Water & munchies.
Power cords, extra lights? Table coverings?
Duct tape, scissors, extra labels, scotch tape, extra pens, clamps… I have a 4 drawer rolling cart that is full of stuff I take to shows & can fit under most tables. Even have an allen wrench set–and turned out last weekend a food vendor needed an allen wrench (I later got a free pizza from them!).


Sounds like the voice of experience… :sunglasses:

Good luck in your new enterprise.

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