Kiddo's First RPG/Dungeon Crawl

Hi Everyone! Update on what I’ve been working on this week. So, my son has grown kinda bored with the basic rules and mechanics of the Legend’s Arena Battle, and I wanted to come up with something the three of us could play together, that would not only continue to reinforce math skills, but some easy reading, decision making, introduction to RPG type game theory, more complex battle mechanics, continuity over time, lots of fun stuff.

So I did my Gamer Daddy thing and the outcome (so far) is:
-Adventurer trackers with health, energy, and potion dials
-Boss health tracker
-mini-mob trackers (dial goes up to 16)
-100g coins
-Inventory box to keep inventory items for next game
-(not pictured) upgrades for tracking improvements
-Dice tower and box (this was actually an old project I did while I was cutting my teeth on the forge and inkscape, it ended up holding everything perfect, I might start coloring it, haven’t decided yet).

It’s all generic enough that almost any story line can be overlaid and these are just fun helpful props. By keeping the context of the game as a whole to “adventurers looking for excitement and helping people across the world of creation” anything goes. Inventory can be sold or kept to use in the next game. Gold buys upgrades, and upgrades like increasing damage carry from game to game without having to be the same character game to game.

We have already done one Adventure and he loved it, so this one will be an evolving keeper. We climbed a beanstalk and fought some creeping vines, crawled through a sewer and fought some sewer rats (yes they dropped the soggy boot), threw the boot at the Bookworm in the castle library, and defeated the Enchanted Harp to free Jack and escape without alerting the Giant we were there. He wants to fight zombies and skellies and defeat the Zombie King next time, so I’m in the midst of figuring out that one. Might take a stroll through Minecraft land after that, who knows.

And yes, I felt the pain of every DM who spends time and effort and sinister love writing wonderful scenarios for our players, just for the dice to not cooperate and they don’t play out. The chest was supposed to be a mimic. The Harp was supposed to self-destruct and summon the Giant for a surprise final battle. But, that is our lot, and I can work those surprises in to other adventures. 3-4 encounters per adventure is about our limit though.

Thanks for taking a look, and until next creation, Happy Forging!


I think you are living a fine adventure.


Did you make the pattern for the 2x2 tracker I’m seeing? That would be very useful for my magic the gathering games in token tracking xD


Kind of yes, kind of no. I’d call it an inspired design, but I saw one like it on Pinterest, not sure what game it was designed for but had Command, Victory and Round counters, so I set to designing one from scratch, inspired from that one.


What I like the most is that you are spending quality time with your family, and encouraging your son’s imagination. Him learning to think “outside the box” and watching you create the things you do, will have such an impact on him, I can only imagine what he will be able to make as he grows older and puts such talents to use. He could literally grow up and be someone who changes the world. And all because of you and your love for crafting such awesome things! :clap: :clap: :clap:


This turned out great! What fun!


He surely realizes what a cool Dad he has. Excellent work!

TL/DR: He’s having a blast, might write a book.

Update for anyone interested. We did our second ‘campaign’, again based on his recommendation, to defeat the Zombie king, he wanted it set in a modern city, so the lobby of the building was taken over by cave spiders, the stairs were broken and we ran straight in to a pack of skellies, and the Zombie king was sending out plague rats. He had a blast!

And then promptly proceeded to tell me that the next battle was going to be in space ships battling the moon, which apparently hatched into a big rock monster that was leading an alien invasion of Earth. And he wanted to dodge asteroids. Before we even played that one (which we did tonight, and I even downloaded a star wars soundboard app for blaster fire SFX), he said “…and Chapter 3 is going to be that one of those aliens stayed and put worms in the ground and they grew in to giant Earth worms that are trying to eat the Earth!”

Kid’s got a wild imagination, but he sure is setting me up for one crazy book of short stories, like I’m a modern day bard!


What a great imagination! He’s going to be the next George Lucas and Steven Spielberg rolled into one!