Kidnapped Glowforge

It would be nice if you could indicate a stolen unit in your account, and lock it out from future use.

Even with a stolen item’s IP address, or a street address, many times the five-oh won’t lift a finger to help you. Where I live they won’t even come to your place for property crimes–you have to fill out a report on a Microsoft Word template, email it in, and hope for the best.

Maybe the price of the GF would make a difference in how much help you get, I don’t know. Hope I never find out.


Time for a new mayor and chief of police! Sheesh! - Rich


Yep, even the anti litter campaigns in Texas are bigger and better :stuck_out_tongue:


I used to like the one that had the Chief crying over the litter on the roadside. (Might have been before your time.)


No, I remember that one, but it stretches back always. One of my favorites was the Texas Air National Guard flying up behind a pickup with litter flying out of the back. I’m sure part of it was being a teenager and military planes are cool, but part of it was the reminder that Texas is the only state awesome enough to have its own Air Force and army. Not bragging…wait, yes I am…at least a little :yum:


I never saw that one…we might have moved to LA by then. (Was just a kid for the Indian one, but it used to make me cry right along every time I saw it.) :relaxed:


Same in Tucson - If your home is broken into they just send youa form to fill out and mail back - police don’t even come ( unless you’re in the house when someone breaks in).


My kids remember that one - I don’t know when they stopped showing it but they weren’t born until the 90s. (BTW, the actor died recently.)

What makes me sad is that the ethos espoused by that commercial isn’t necessarily found in the wild anymore. I took a group of Scouts down into the Supai Canyon (part of the Grand Canyon and home of the Havasupai Indian tribe). As we were hiking into the canyon we saw trash (soda cans, candy wrappers, etc) and the kids were picking up what was on the trail and complaining about tourists coming to this gorgeous place and dropping their trash right on the trail.

A Havasupai came riding up leading a pack of horses to the rim (they will take people to the lodge & campground down via horses if they aren’t trail hikers). As he passes us he finishes off a can of soda and tosses it over his shoulder.

The kids were appalled. It wasn’t rude tourists.

Got worse when we hit the bottom of the canyon. There’s a village (Supai) at the bottom of the canyon where most of the tribe lives. The place was a garbage dump. Trash in the yards of the houses - not debris but actual piles of trash.

We went to the main canyon a few days later and went down the main trail from the visitor center. All the way down (and back up) we encountered 1(!) piece of trash - a crumpled kleenex. Just as likely it was inadvertently dropped from a pack or jacket pocket than it was tossed as we never saw anyone drop anything else. The tourists embodied the spirit of that commercial. The natives not so much. :cry:


I would have been appalled too. (sigh!)

We have lost too much when we stop considering the feelings of others.


I want to say that the irony is that the actor was of Italian descent.


Seriously??? Pwnd! :sunglasses:

Here is his Wiki page.

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Jeez - “recently died” 17 years ago! Man I’m old. I remember when I saw the announcement (but it does suggest how my kids had seen the commercial - they probably saw it in relation to his death).


I can’t litter. Just will never happen. The commercial sealed the deal. But what really got to me was doing the first Earth Day in 1970 when I was in 3rd grade. We had a student teacher come in for science in the spring semester. She was a great teacher. Not much I can remember from that year, other than penmanship, but the environment stuff was great and long-lasting.


I smoked for many years. All my life I had seen cigarette butts on sidewalks and in the gutters - everywhere. I had thrown my share down.
Filthy habit.
I decided I didn’t want the legacy of my trash blowing around years after I died. For the last ten years of the habit I flicked the fire off and stuffed them in the coin pocket of my jeans.
People looked at me funny, exactly how I looked at them for flicking them out the window, or crushing them out on a sidewalk.
Took me a while, but I finally stopped walking through my world asleep - right about the time of those commercials.


I remember that earth day too. At my school they had us rake old leaves into plastic bags so they could be taken to the local incinerator (remember those?) to be burned. :slight_smile: Made us think.

And I remember visiting the industrial area of (then) czechoslovakia not that long after their revolution. You could taste the air, and the light was dim even without a cloud in the sky. Made me think what might have happened if we’d continued down that path.


Oh yummy, burnt plastic bags…:stuck_out_tongue: - Rich

Big pet peeve - never smoked, but have been hit on my motorcycle by butts thrown out of car windows… grrrr. ( Would not be fun to have one go inside the helmet)


A friend from college, Albe Zakes, used to work for Terra-Cycle, and they developed a pretty great recycling solution for butts.

He is quoted talking about it in this article

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That’s one reason to keep the shield down (and in fact to wear a helmet in the first place) :slight_smile: Although I do keep it cracked just a bit - I like the wind in the face thing even if it’s just a little.