Kind of 3d printing...? New use for the 3d pen

Interesting or no?


Could possibly laser cut our own molds in acrylic perhaps?

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I’ve got one of those doodle pens. (Or something similar.) The robotics are a new twist.

Reminds me of the Mattel “Creepy Crawler” maker sets back in the '60s.


I had a 3d pen around 1975ish. But the only bugs amounted to keeping the pen from clogging and the electric wires connected. And it cost several times as much. But it had a nice wooden box power supply and an electric soldering iron powered down to wax temperatures and several brass points for it to do different jobs.

This is alas just brushbots. Real controllable moving arms and legs would be supercool. You could probably laser a body and jointed legs the size of an actual insect, but power source would still be a problem. (Now I am thinking how small you could make something with the smallest sizes of servos or steppers. probably an inch or two across)