Kindergarten Sign Extravaganza!


My daughter’s first day of Kindergarten is today so I woke up bright and early and whipped up a sign for some Momma required pics. I really am digging this engraved cardstock action.

Cardstock engrave and cut settings

I’m sure your wife loved this! It looks great!


Very nice! That card stock turns our great.


Awesome! :grinning:


Great design, and great (and cheap) material :sunglasses:


This is awesome and I especially love the clean, simple graphics. I love seeing what you make and your enthusiasm for the machine :smiley:

I posted some cardstock settings in “Beyond the manual” section just a bit ago, but it was for a very different look than yours. I’d love to know the settings you used for this if you don’t mind sharing. (You could add it to my post or make your own of course.)


:heart_eyes: Love it!!


I love how that turned out! My kids have already started school and our signs were just written on a chalkboard. They turned out really cute. It would have been amazing to use my glowforge on something like this… But still patiently waiting… I am totally looking forward to doing this type of project next year though.


I am loving what you can get out of cardstock! What a great result from a material that is much more disposable than some others.


I’d be interested in that as well, @jonny_firebrand


I posted the settings in @kittski post.





Congratulation to you daughter starting kindergarten!

What a great sign and wonderful passage to send her into the world of learning.


I love this! It also gives me hope that one day I can just brainstorm an idea and have it come out looking great in a couple hours. Thanks for sharing.




Such a great way to remember a special day. I hope to see a similar sign posted this time of year for the next dozen or so years! :slight_smile: