Kinetic Art - GF Ready?

Found this site with Kinetic Art plans for purchasing:

Kinetic Art Woodworking -

Each kinetic sculpture, clock, and machine aims to meticulously blend art with engineering.
Carefully crafted woodworking plans are available for purchase and download.

Do these appear to be GF ready? What software would be needed to get it ready for the GF?

(I’m not associated/affiliated with the website or owner)


I like the OP because it reminded of the referenced website, since it is so cool.


I bought his plans for the hummingbird and they are really good. You get dxf and pdf versions of the drawings for the parts and a long assembly manual with a parts list and such.


They offer the plans in PDF format, which should work unless larger than available cut area. That would require some careful re-sizing or chopping up to keep fittings and various holes, connections, or abutments relevant.
Only issue I have seen with PDF format is text. It does not automatically convert to a printable format. It does not appear to have writing on the profiled objects though, so probably not an issue.
Maybe someone here has seen other issues with PDF?

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The humming bird is so high on my list of things I want to do. Once i get the money for the plans…