Kitchen Conversion Chart Design

Does anyone know where I can get the design glowforge just offered to new customers for this conversion chart design? They posted it on their instagram 2 weeks ago when they did homemade for the holidays.

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Go to your dashboard and look for the present and red dot (follow green arrow)…
Pick on the package


Thank you!


anyway to get it now??

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No, they are only available from the dahsboard and can’t be downloaded or shared.

You could always create your own…or buy a design on Etsy, there are several SVG files for sale there for kitchen conversion charts.

Its not there? It just shows the current present for this month!

They change so one has to grab as they are available.

Does anyone have a picture of what we are even talking about?
Thank you

Is this what you are talking about?


Idk if it is but is this somewhere to get?

That was covered above.

I was reading the info trying to learn how to make the food move around like that , but apparently it was ants.


it states it is on the site, But I can not even find it to purchase, also it’s only showing a bat file as free.

Yeah it’s not there for me either.

The free gift designs are only available for a limited time, and when they put a new one up, the old one is gone. But now it is back. Click the present icon on the dashboard.

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I guess it is back. Click the present icon in the Dashboard and there it is! You download it and then have to add it to your library by dragging it onto your interface of actually uploading it.

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Yes can’t wait to make it for my hubby! Thanks for the update!

Note the water:rice ratio is probably incorrect for regular white rice.

Personally I don’t think that table belongs on a conversion chart. It’s too subjective.


The giveaway designs are only available for a limited time, and when they’re gone, they’re gone! They’re not licensed for posting or re-sharing.