Kitchen Conversions Cutting Board


A spare cutting board, a silly conversation with my son, a laser cutter, and thirty minutes later: the second-most unhelpful cutting board ever! Now who wants a hogshead of fresh salsa?


Just love it.
Never come across the ‘board foot’ - especially if its a measure of volume!

Ah - thanks to Mr Google - I’ve just not been in the USA long enough it seems !


How useful!


Cute! :smile:


Too funny, never had to convert to Kelvin just Celsius:laughing:




Why did I say it was the second-most unhelpful cutting board ever? Because this is the first:

Some men just want to watch the world burn (and a laser cutter is a good way to start the fire). :wink:


I question the math, but like the board! :smile:


How about adding “5 Pints = an Uber Ride”


Nice boards! I just hope a guest doesn’t take the conversions seriously and mess up your dinner.


There is also Butt Load as a unit of measurement.