Kitchen Utensil organizer


Inspired by @steph to get some kitchen organization going…

Currently have the kitchen utensils (and way too many of them) shoved into a plastic protein powder jug. We’re so low maintenance here, we’re in the negative spectrum. LOL! :smiley:

So nifty to pull something like this together in an evening. Probably the coolest part is having moments of inspiration (or OOPS! moments too) after you’ve already made and assembled something, and realize you don’t have to re-make anything. You can just put parts, “scraps”, and off-cuts back into the glowforge and run more stuff!


Ooooh that looks fantastic!


Grreat design


I’m loven slot and tab, and this is a great example of it.


Elegant AND functional…looks great!!


Love it!! I especially like the organization piece on the top!


Really like this design. And being able to use smaller pieces is so handy.


Sweet! (Almost missed this one - I wonder why it didn’t notify?) :grinning:


I’ve had lots of posts that did not show up in the “Unread” listing, that did show as unread once I went directly into that category of the forum.


Is that a recent thing? I’ve never noticed it before, but now I’m wondering if I’ve been missing stuff.


I can’t say that it’s recent. I’ve noticed it before, usually when I go into a category to make a new post and there are new threads that I have not seen yet that don’t make it to the main Unread page.


That’s really pretty. Nice choice of woods! (And nice design, of course!)




Very nice!