Kitronik cutting 3mm birch ply

Hi, Newbie here! I have taken your advice & purchased from Kitronik, 3mm birch ply. I am trying to make the pencil/tool holder with that lovely cut hinge. I have used a whole sheet not being able to get the settings right! Help please!

To dial in your settings just run a small circle or square somewhere off side. Adjust your settings until you get the cut you like then run the project.


I often use a tiny star to cut out.
I start with the setting for the proofgrade material that’s closest to the material I’m using. Then I adjust based on the results of that test. If the edges are very charred, I increase the speed. Making the laser move faster will mean less char. I try to get it as fast as I can where it’s still cutting through but the least amount of char.
If it’s not cutting through, then I decrease the speed at intervals of 5 or 10 usually depending on how close it was to cutting all the way through.

Make sure you have your material pinned down so that it won’t wiggle and it won’t move at all and it’s perfectly flat. Not pinning material down can actually cause it to not cut through even if you have the settings correct. (When there is variation in the height of where the material is, the laser will not hit at the same focus point.) I hope that makes sense.


Thank you. I have tried but am not getting consistent results at all.

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