Kiwi ornament flat pack



I have a dear friend and colleague from New Zealand. I found a pattern online for a flat pack kiwi ornament that I figured I’d try out for her being a kiwi and all. After some adjustments, I came up with a cute design.
Started with a prototype.

Made all the cut lines and scored where the little pips are for easier punching out.

Made a few adjustments then I prepared an area on birch ply with acrylic paint and sprayed on the lighter color using one of my body painting stencils (good thing I do these for a living and have lots of patterns…lol) masked it and cut the file.
Here is the finished product ready for sending.

Digital printed materials from Ponoko

Awwwww, that is so cute! I love the feet and the stenciled pattern. She’ll love it I’m sure.


Happiest of Cake Days (or is that your birthday?) :tada: @smcgathyfay, and love the kiwi, such a simple but great design. Your friend will love it. Love the idea of adding patterns as well. Coolio!


You always have the COOLEST ideas, that looks great!


Kiwi for a Kiwi…very nice! I think she will love it. Go :glowforge: - Rich


Thanks…and yes its my birthday😁 going home soon to make brownies and play minecraft with my youngest son


Happy birthday! I love the kiwi and am delighted that Discourse decided I could give this the like it deserves. :wink:


Happy Birthday!

PS. Kiwi is adorable. I’m sure your friend will love it.


Whoa! Happy Birthday! And the kiwi is cute, cute, cute!
(But not as cute as your narwhal. just a fact.)


:musical_score::notes:Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Stephanie,
Happy birthday to you! :musical_note::notes:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:gift::birthday::tada::confetti_ball::sparkling_heart:


Thank you all for the birthday wishes and the song!!:squeeee::grinning:


Did a snowflake too for her partner. :grinning::snowman:


On painted baltic birch ply


Cute projects. You are just so-o-o awesome!


Out of likes :+1: And happy b-day btw :tada::tada::tada:


Happy birthday :gift::balloon::birthday::tada:

And the ornaments look awesome!!!


Oh wow! The stencils are brilliant!


Where are the “pips” - the cut s smooth all around (unless I’m thinking of the wrong term - I assume it is like tabs that keep the pieces from falling out -, still attached - just barely. Also , did you paint and stencil before cutting ( top picture was original model and painted was never “popped out” to be gifted)? Great job btw…!


Yes, painted the board, then cut it out.

The pips show on the underside…here’s a view from the unpainted prototype.


I forgot to wish you a happy birthday in one of the other threads, so I’ll do it here: Happy Birthday! :birthday: