Knotwork - after Dürer - after Leonardo


I’ve been playing and experimenting with how delicate I can get.

There was this one design by Duhrer (based on a design by Leonardo) that I was thinking I could clean up and etch but I thought - what if I designed the entire image for only cuts? Have all the lines go all the way through!

Of course - this meant I had to go from dirty scanned data to shapes and then because I didn’t want shapes (or even outlines) to make the shapes into single lines and create enough gaps so that it wouldn’t fall apart. My final design is a little removed from Duhrer but I think it works!

In wood and acrylic!


fine detail


Wow! That’s incredible! :grinning:




So delicate! The detail is amazing!


That’s a gorgeous piece of wood you scored that great design on!
A rag on a fingertip wet with alcohol or acetone (faster) will clean that smoke off. :+1:


Thanks - and those lines go all the way through - no score. I will clean it up later - we have our own concoction for getting rid of the soot / smoke. Plus if I tape up the next one it is easy to get off because it’s one long piece (no holes).


Unless it’s a trade secret, we would like to know about your cleaning formula.


Is it isopropyl alcohol, splinters, swearing, sandpaper, remaking it with masking, and then swearing at the masking?

Because that’s my method :slight_smile:


Breathtaking pieces! And I think I would be holding my breath when handling them—they look so delicate.


The initial run which was shapes and not lines was very fragile (see picture ) and practically dissintegrated. The new ones are pretty sturdy.


Wow, absolutely beautiful detail!


You obviously have waaayyy more patience than I do. Now, what do you do with it?


Love the wood! This machine is so fun!


Oh that is brilliant! I am working on a couple of similarly complex design - like a mandala of sorts - and struggling with the same issue with fragility of the output. I’d love to hear more about how you went from shapes to lines - by hand? I’ve tried so many ways to automate the process, I swear it would take me a week to trace it all out by hand…