Kool-Aid is delicious


So we finally moved into the house about a week ago, and every time we unpack a box the stuff essentially gets shifted from one ind of the house to another (*cough *cough - my office area) So one of the first things I make when the GF comes are some boxes. lots and lots of shelf-y boxes


You got moved in? Cool!
You covered some miles from the last pics I saw. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!


I am, so very much. There are moments I’ll stare at something I did and be forced to reflect silently how much I like what I did. There are other moments when I’ll notice something… not so great, and I’ll be forced to mumble something about the people before me

Thou shalt not cast stones… cast blame instead lol

I’ll upload some pictures when I get a chance


And the good news is you now have a metric crap-ton of cardboard to prototype stuff with too!


and hardwood, I built the countertops out of ash


Glad you’re in, I missed your twisted sense of humor around here!!
It matches up well with mine.


Aww shucks, you make me blush. Thank you sir!


Beat me to the punch! :wink:
I tell ya what, I have quite a collection of cardboard from our blue apron thing!


Please do! I’m eager to see how it has come along.

The longer I live in this house the more frequently I stop to stare at a wall, a floor, a ceiling, a shelf, or my deck and think to myself, “Wow- I am so good.”

I’m itchy to move because I’m a gypsy at heart; but then I shall start again the cursing at previous owners. Itchy I am; but happy to be surrounded by this pleasant host of reminders that I can build.

Enjoy the pleasure of living in a place you built. And yes, pictures, please.


Pho-tos, pho-tos, pho-tos. Would love to see your new house!


Thank you. Just thank you.