Kraft-Tex 19x10 White Paper Fabric help!

Hi all,
I cannot figure out how to cut kraft-tex paper fabric without burn marks. Any suggestions?

How are you testing, and what have you tried?

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I have tried thin and medium leather settings…cuts through but too many burn marks.

And I have tried 500/70 power 1-3 passes…0.001 thickness

As the laser cuts by heating stuff, it is hard to burn things without leaving a burn mark. If you can put it between two lightly adhesive masking sheets and get them off afterward then you can limit the depth of the damage. Also raising the speed to the maximum with the power raised enough to cut in one or two passes will do the least damage. You will have to experiment with scraps to find the best settings.


Thanks- I am working with some masking paper. what do you think I should put for thickness?
and max speed is 500- correct?

fabric is about the thickness of thin leather

For cutting yes.

The best way is to use the Set Focus as that will set the height best.

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I suggest using auto focus rather than inputting .001". I would load up a template of small squares and test starting with 245/50. If there is a lot of flashback, make sure the material is securely held down to the honeycomb tray. Adjust as needed until you get a clean cut without char. If it doesn’t cut through, increase power or reduce speed. If it cuts with char, increase speed or decrease power.


thank you!

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