Kuchi Kopi returns

My daughter and her obsession with Kuchi Kopi has returned for another project. I had her run through the whole process of printing this time. She did her usual hunt around the web for a picture she liked, then traced it in Illustrator. She saved it as an SVG, then uploaded it to the designs, choose which objects should be cut/raster/score and finally print. Here she is eagerly waiting to see how it turns out.

We chose to score most of the lines in the design which made it a pretty fast print.

It turned out pretty clean, though the score lines may not be as easy to see as wider etched ones.

We were really pleased though when we tried to side light it with a flashlight.

Next project is probably a sidelight box :slight_smile:


Nice! Great job. So cool that your daughter is into all of this. :slight_smile:


`This is awesome! I love bobs burgers.

I mean, just kidding. That’s a show for kids. I don’t watch more cartoons than children. That would be weird.

And I am a totally normal adult.


Loving that first picture with your daughter lit up by the glow of the 'Forge. Good place for a kid to be. You been testing the pro? That coat rack looks like it coulda been done with a passthrogh! :wink:


I like it!

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Ah that’s awesome! I love that she did all of the work herself.

psh own it.


Cool! Another cat lover (I can see the cat tree).

Cute, cute Cute! Love seeing the acrylic projects! :smiley:


Not familiar with the character, but really great forge! Definitely does look great when lit!

I think there’s a holiday song in there somewhere… You know, the one about kids snuggled up by the warm glow of their 'forge?


Great job to your daughter :smile:

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The coat rack was something my wife found, but definitely does look like something I would try making :slight_smile:


Out of likes :+1:

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Sweet. Love combining laser and acrylic, and add your daughter to the mix and it looks just about perfect. Can’t wait for my boys, especially my youngest to get a crack at it.


love this! nice job, on the design… and the kid. She was obviously raised well if she likes Bob’s Burgers and LASERS!

The edge lighting when you put the light against it is awesome! I bought a roll of RGB LEDs in preparation to hopefully make cool stuff like this!


That is really awesome that she was able to make that! I can’t wait to be able to teach my kids Illustrator and other computer programs. My wife just laughs at me that I want all of our kids to be able to know how to use Design software and know how to code. Thanks for sharing this. :smile:


Wonderful stuff here! So, someone should be making a slew of light bases that are part of a strand that have inserts for a tab of acrylic. I’d buy a few strings of them. People really can do so much business for the ancillary supplies attendant to having a Glowforge. Many, many people are going to want to do things like this but aren’t sure about the electrical part of it.

Have several different outlines of shapes on a piece of paper of Christmassy graphics and then folks can write on the inside of the graphics. Throw the paper in the Glowforge and trace it. cut out the ornament shape and stick it into the base socket with the light. Soon you have a string of personalized ornaments and lights for the tree. What a tree trrimming party that would be.