Kumiko Dreams Box

This is great…I need to keep up with the forums more often. Not only is it beautiful, but just in time for mother’s day. You saved me. Thanks! I’ll just put the masks I sewed her in it and it’ll be a complete gift set :joy: :joy:


Ok, made one for my mother. Thanks again for the beautiful work. I’ve been racking my brain since February over what to do for mother’s day. You solved my dilemma :sweat_smile:


I love what you did on the inside!

Thanks, I was having a issue with the hinge causing the lid to separate when I open it. So I decided to try gluing everything from the inside, after I had already snapped all the pieces together…it was an awful mess. Rather than clean it up, I cut a piece of chiyogami paper to size and slipped that in there. The excess glue holds it down nicely. I love the cut-out top, but now I’m wondering what it would look like filled with colorful resin…I’m definitely not going to try that though…I have a hard enough time with glue…


Finally got to this one on my long list of things to do… I love it! It is such a nice showcase of what the GF can do!
Thanks again for sharing your design.



This was such a great project to work on. I was initially going to do acrylic and then I thought I better try draft board first to see how this cuts. I think it might be too detailed for acrylic but is beautiful in wood. Lots of little pieces to poke out on the top side.


Ha… I see you have lots more little pieces to poke through on the top! :wink:


Poking out all the little pieces is kind of zen-like for me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, I found it pretty relaxing, was even better because I didn’t break the wood while doing it.

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I did one for a birthday present and the person loves it. Thank you so much for sharing. It was fun to peel the masking tape off too!..


First time trying you’re beautiful project. I dont think the top pieces were supposed to come out? And the pieces didnt fit together well so I’ll need some tools to help me snap it together. Overwhelmed by this one.

Looks like you probably cut the ‘score’ lines by accident?

Yep, as @jaltschuld said, you forgot to set the blue lines to “score.”

I can’t remember now how the fit was on mine; I usually try for a pretty tight kerf, though, so I don’t have to use glue. Unless your material is quite a bit different, you should be able to tap it together with a light rubber-tipped hammer.

What’s kerf?

And when I uploaded the image to the software I couldnt tell what lines needed to change so I left it as is.

@yankee7548, kerf is the amount of material removed by the width of the tool used to cut, be it be a saw, a rotary tool like a cnc or a laser beam. It is important if you intend to fit pieces together with each other in a construct.

Here is one explanation in the forum
but this topic has been discussed amply and if you search you will find more valuable information.

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Up in the top post I listed the colors used in the art (which makes the UI separate them into different steps) and what settings needed to be applied to each. The blue lines need to be set to “score.” :slight_smile:

What material was yours cut from?

I did it! I made mine out of draftboard…kerfs are tight, but to be expected if not using glue… wasn’t sure how draftboard would fare, but nothing broke, so…tada!! Didn’t add any extra flair, but still looks great! Thanks for the nice pattern.


That came out great, thanks for sharing!


I cut this out Saturday out of baltic birch. I think it’s the most beautiful piece to come out of our Glowforge. Thank you again, so very much!

It is just stunning! Still need to rub it down with Feed-N-Wax, and insert something pretty.


STUNNING!!! Thank you for sharing this inspiration!