Label Rack V2.0

A while ago I got asked by my wife to make a replacement rack for their chart labels at the animal hospital. Well today since I was working from home since I’m on overnight call, she texted me that the old rack was too small, and she needed a new one. She wanted it to be 24" wide. (the old one was 8").

Here is the original

My first reaction was well, I guess I’ll have to buy a monster laser cutter on my wife’s orders! (I mean I don’t want to disappoint her!). So, I explained that the Glowforge is not 24" wide so would 18" wide suffice? I mean the label spools are only about 1/2" wide. Of course being a parametric design in OnShape it was just a quick click on the width variable, change it to 18" and export. It’s in thick clear acrylic. I use copper pipe as the rods since it’s easy to cut metal and copper is bactericidal.

The little holes in the outer plates are for shoving a pin through if the pipe is cut just a smidge too short. It turns out the pipe length is really twitchy with a mm +/- making the difference between easy to insert and falling out.

(probably should have cleaned off the counter before taking the photo?)


Nice! Cool design. Those sugar-free chocolate chips aren’t that healthy. :slight_smile:


Clever! But where are the engravings of cavorting cats, dogs, & goats? :laughing:


I did engrave their corporate logo on both sides

Nah, It adds a lot of interest, but isn’t the nail mounts upside down so the big part is down and the weigh pulls it so the head locks it in place? I would also bet that clear acrylic rod would work better if you were needing to sell it .

Still looks very pretty.


That’s why I’m careful what photos I take or post.

Looks great even with the stuff on the counter. I take pictures the same way just want the picture not concerned whats around it…

Sigh yes… anyway they are just using screws so they can screw it onto the wall anyway…

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It’s great that it’s so easy to change a file … and fill a revised or new need.

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Installed, clearly needs to be about 4" taller to use the middle rod. Original next to it.


Ummm…classic measure twice scenario eh :grin:

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Well nobody complained on the last thin version, so I only changed the width as requested. Also I didn’t have the labels to try with. I didn’t mount it either (my wife did it, which is shocking, she’s a brilliant surgeon, but not the person I would have doing construction…)


That’s the programmer in you - “I only changed one thing, don’t need to retest” :grin: