Lack of Support - Decemer 6th 2021

I put in an order for over $100 worth of draftboard, paid for on November 27th.
Over this weekend, I checked with Fedex, but their site says they haven’t received the package.
I emailed Support on Sunday 5th, and had a prompt auto reply, with a phone numer to call, which I did on Monday 6th, leaving nature of the problem, and both email address and preferred phone number for a return call.
Many hours later, with no email(have checked spam folder) nor returned phone call, I wonder just how long is the current response time ?
John :upside_down_face:

This seems to be an old problem with Support from Glowforge.
Looking back at posts that referred to “Order Fulfilled”, I see the same problem in December 2020.
Isn’t it time that a member of Staff was dedicated to sending a simple courtesy message to customers who are having this type of problem, i.e. Glowforge states an order for materials is “fulfilled”, yet the shipper has not received it.
If you haven’t sent the order to the shipper, there must be a reason. If you informed the customer of that reason, they would, I’m sure, be understanding. But to have just silence is not only frustrating, it does nothing for your corporate image.

EDIT At 11:17pm CT , I’ve just received an email from Fedex to say that they have received a package for me.
Interesting that the carrier tells me, rather than Glowforge, isn’t it, given my comments posted 5 hours ago.
EDIT 2 Does Glowforge close for religious holidays ?
That might explain all !


Rather surprised that they haven’t responded here even if it was to just close the thread if you also sent an email. They are slow at times but usually a response is given by now.


Hi @johnbrooker, I am so sorry for the delay in getting back to your request. We are dealing with a high volume of emails due to the holidays, and sometimes, items will ship from our warehouse, but the carrier is delayed in updating their information. Either way, I sent you an email containing more details about your order. For now, I’m going to close this thread - if you need anything else, please let us know.