Lack of support response

Is it normal to send an email to support, and get no response? How long after sending an email, should you wait before getting frustrated? While cleaning my Glowforge Plus, I noticed one of the print slider wheels was cracked, so I sent an email, Saturday evening. Now, I did not expect a response over the weekend, but I did expect, some sort of response today… even a quick note saying they recieved my email and would respond shortly…

Kinda normal. From what I gather, there are only so many people handeling problems and this is the most busy time of the year. People are working their machine very hard, trying to get orders out and they get flooded with problem machines all at once.
Not making any excuses, but they are busy!!


You should have received an auto reply that they got your message immediately - if you didn’t, check your spam folders.

As for a personalized response, normally within 48 hours but this holiday season it seems they’re getting more inundated than usual.

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Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble @jim.kathy.alexander.

I’m afraid this is the only request we have in our system.

To determine the next best steps, could you include a photo of the broken part?

Once we have this, we’ll follow up with the next steps.

I have already sent a picture, Saturday evening, in my original email to support. But if this expedites things, here is another copy of it…

Jim Alexander

I’ve been waiting for a response since Saturday.

Hello! Thank you for including that photo. I was able to find your message to support under a different email and see that we helped get you a replacement there. I’m going to close this topic.