Lag Between Golden Email and Shipping

The lag between the Golden Email and the Shipping info is killing me. Today marks 4 weeks since I got the Golden Email (which I responded to immediately), and still no shipping info.

Looking at people announcing their shipping/arrivals, it seems to me that the Basic units are shipping out rapid fire right now, but that possibly the Pro units experienced some sort of major slow down in the last month. I’ve seen people who ordered on day 25 who have Pros ordered and have no shipping info, but the Basics seems to just be flying.

Is anyone else noticing the same trend of Pro models not shipping? Is there anyone who ordered Day 28 Pro (like me) who has received their shipping info yet?

I’m starting to get worried they aren’t going to make the 6 week window and the GF will arrive while I’m out of town on vacation.


I got my golden email 10/27 and today is the beginning of week 6. No tracking info yet. One week left. I hope I’m not the first to break the promised 6 week window.

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You might it looks like they ship by where you are in line along with where you live. I’m on my 5th week and still waiting. Maybe we will hear something soon. :):face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Also had golden email on 10/27 for a Pro, still waiting on tracking. The (not in any way official) Spreadsheet shows a bunch of Pro orders without tracking with email dates around and just before then.

Granted as a self reporting method people may just be too excited when they get the tracking to update the spreadsheet… But probably not if they went through the trouble of putting their name on the spreadsheet and marking down the email date.

As I replied in another thread…

I received my Golden Email about 4 weeks ago. I received my Proofgrade over two weeks ago, still haven’t received my Glowforge or the tray. Not an email saying it’s shipping, nothing on UPS MyChoice, and no deliveries… I just want it now! :slight_smile:

Your not alone.:):smiley:

Similar, pro email 11/3, proofgrade arrived a week later. No ship notice yet. I’m in SoCal.

I got my GT email for my pro on 10/27. My pro just shipped out on Thursday night, less than 18 hours before my wait became exactly 5 weeks from my reply to the GT email. The pro will arrive on Friday, (I’m on the east coast) which means mine will have taken 6 weeks to arrive.

I saw at least a dozen posts from people who got their GT email days after I did and ordered after I did, who got their pros before Thanksgiving or the beginning of this past week. (And yes, some were pros on the east coast too).

After seeing other people get theirs, I contacted support this past Wednesday. Support said to contact them again when I hit the 5 week mark and they would open an investigation. I then pointed out that 5 weeks was less than a day and a half away (they didn’t respond to that email). I’m not sure if my email to support on Wednesday evening alerted them to an issue they didn’t want to admit to, or it was a coincidence, but my order showed up in MyChoice UPS the following day.

GF sent me an email with the tracking info late yesterday along with the pro safety training doc.


If it’s been more than 5 weeks, which it has for you, contact support about it. (I was 10/27 GT email too). They told me they would investigate my order if had been 5 weeks without shipping, and on Thursday night, mine finally shipped.

It’s almost like a stack of 10/27 work orders fell behind someone’s desk or something.


Speak of the devil, I just got me email today saying that the Glowforge and tray are now shipping. So hopefully I should have something by next weekend. W00t!


We had a period of Basic overproduction based on parts availability which slowed things down but didn’t affect our forecasted dates. The six week window is to allow for that sort of variability.


Wow I just got mine to. Delivery is Dec 11th . I’m gonna take off the week to celebrate . :):smiley:


Same here, something is definitely up. I received my (shipping) golden e-mail on 10/30/17 for a pro ordered on 10/21/15 and still no actual shipping info… Not even from ups my choice. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: just slowly loosing confidence in GF. The optimist in me hopes that GF has moved to a new model for this next run of basic units. Maybe on this latest run they don’t actually send you your golden e-mail until they actually have a unit ready to ship.

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I don’t understand that. You got a shipping email 4 weeks ago that said you’d get your machine in up to 6 weeks but because no one has either said, here it is before the 6 weeks or it’s still on for the next couple of weeks, so now you’re losing confidence? :thinking:

Or is it just because you’re not one who got it in 3 or 4 weeks instead of the promised 6?

If you haven’t gotten your PG then you might want to drop a note to Support. But if you got your PG then your machine’s shipment is in process and you’re simply not a 3 week recipient.

I’m guessing you have already received your. Yes?

No, he doesn’t have his yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just want to point out to everyone that the amount of time between the golden email and the manufacturing of the units depends on a lot of factors, supply, holidays, which ones they are making at the moment, and a whole lot of other issues that no one has any control over. But they do tend to hit it within the six week window…so nobody give up hope yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Tracking number showed up today 4:20pm Central. Delivery Next Friday, with early delivery adjusted to Thursday according to UPS.

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Thanks for the positive vibes Jules. If I’m doing my math correctly - Monday, I will be starting my 6th week of waiting. Knowing that it is shipping from CA (I’m on east coast) and that I don’t have any indicator that UPS has received it yet - I’m guessing it is unlikely that I will receive my forge much before the end of 6 weeks. I think the point of this thread is that the lag for pro shipping is currently shifted towards the later part of six weeks in contrast to how quickly the basics are currently going from golden e-mail to customers door. I am also really looking forward to when the software moves out of beta. :crossed_fingers::pray: Sending some positive vibes out to everyone still waiting.


Is he still using a PRU or his redsail? I’m a big fan of both your post here on discourse.

He’s still got both I think. (And they shipped Pros for a while, then shifted to Basics…I don’t know what they’re currently working on, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.)

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