Lagging, slow to move images, slow uploads

Hi Everyone,
I see there’s been issues mentioned here before.
The lagging, moving images and the time it takes for images to upload is ridiculously slow.
This is still an issue 4 years later?
I’ve tried everything. Now, it’s immediately refreshing my page before I can even eliminate images.
It’s there for a few seconds and BAMM, “the page needs to refresh.”
Since we are reliant on this software to run our $6000.00 lasers, shouldn’t there be a better, faster way to work? I’m spending way too much time just organizing and waiting for images to load. And it’s not a lot of images or details.

I have never had that issue. I think your wifi is glitching.


I have only had this happen rarely and it has been my wi-fi…


I am sorry you are frustrated, but this is an individual problem rather than a system issue. You can clear your browser cache and/or try a different browser. It is also possible that your wifi is experiencing interference or is lagging.


What is often attributed to malfunctioning of the machine or software interface is most often an issue of WiFi signal integrity.


I’ve done everything and my wifi is literally right next to me.

Wifi issues are very hard to diagnose, but what you are experiencing is not system wide. Use a different browser. It shouldn’t make a difference, but it does.


Good advice. Thank you.

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