Lansing/ G.r Michigan: 3m novec electronic degreaser

I am on the mainland for a few days and was wondering if anyone was able to point me in the right direction to find 3m novec electronic degreaser in this area.


My condolences.


Can’t help you with the degreaser, but when you’re on the mainland, you really pick the center of it, don’t you? :wink: Bet makes getting home all that more special, too.

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Haha! A balance!

Made a filthy snowman yesterday!

It got more than eyebrows and a banana mouth, the kids put blueberry eyes, carrot nose and carrot arms.


Welcome to Michigan! Quite the fall we are having!! Would rather be on the island
Looks like distributor in both Lansing and GR.

I recall that when we left Hawaii for the last time one of the reasons was that we “missed snow”. I kind of wish I could go back and yell at my parents that “Missing snow” would not last one winter. The last time I saw snow was 1977 and it was in Miami so there was no helping it. I still do not miss it.


amazon carries it.

I’m guessing shipping to HI is neither cheap nor expeditious…

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I think there is a problem shipping it via air. Might be wrong about that, but it sure rings a bell.


Awesome! Thank you!

Couldn’t find anyone to ship it here.

If you bought it here you might have trouble getting it into your luggage to go home as they will xray and see it.

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Good point!

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Worth the risk for checked luggage.

I’m no expert, but from the MSDS:

may form flammable/explosive vapour-air mixture

… you probably risk being arrested if you try and carry it in your luggage.

But it says non flammable! :slight_smile:

Up to you. I just copied from the MSDS for Novec line of products.

Sugar or corn aren’t flammable, until you put the right amount of their dust into the air, and then they become highly explosive.

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Hmm. Maybe I will skip it. Would be nice to have a source in Hawaii that isn’t crazy expensive.

It’s used commonly in medical device service applications, but I doubt that would lead to a cheaper source given your location. My assumption is everything is more expensive over there.


I should ask my IT crowd when I get back.