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I had just purchased a file for a lantern. I was in such a hurry that I didn’t pay attention to the size of material they had used for the lantern. I’m trying to figure out how to change some of the dimensions of the file. I want to use it on 2.88mm draft board that I purchased off Etsy. I would really like it to be a tight fit so I don’t have to use glue on it if at all possible. I want it to remain the size it is in height and width. My problem is changing the tabs and slots that connect to each other to the appropriate size without losing the height that it is meant to be when assembled. Hopefully someone can give me some insight on fixing this. I am using Inkscape for the software. The link below is the file I bought. Thanks in advance it’s much appreciated!!!

I really doubt you are allowed to share this file for free in a public forum since you purchased it.

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Forgot all about that

I think you should delete this post and contact the designer.

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Just deleted the file from the post. Hopefully someone can lead me to fixing my problem. Thanks

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Here is a video I made showing how to troubleshoot files and have an example of editing at the end of the video that may help you learn how to edit files: Troubleshooting and Editing Laser Files - YouTube


Been watching that video and found another one that also helps me out. Thanks so much!!!


No problem anytime

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you can resize the image in the GFUI - and also change the ratio / size to what you like
using the “X/Y” settings

A. this post was three weeks ago
B. user states they wish to keep the same size
C. user needed help with tabs and slots
D. user was already helped

sorry to use up 47kb of your data.

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