Large engraves,to they skip letters and come back for them?

Hey gang,

I am doing a pretty large engrave (3 hours, my longest ever ). i noticed that some of the letters are skipped. Will Beamer go back and pick those up later on? it is rather disconcerting. I seem to recall that I read about this in the past.

Typically/almost always so. I wouldn’t kill the job, for sure. Sometimes you get an odd grouping within the file structure and it separates it from the rest of the engraves.


That is what I thought. oh man, I can’t kill the engrave I am 2/3’s done. if nothing else I would just tell mom/dad I will remake it. heading to Airport later today :slight_smile:

Yes indeed, went and picked up all of the random letters.

Mom and Dad are going to be stunned. will post a picture later.


OMG it drives me mad. See this lacy candle holder? I set the scrollwork to cut first, and then the panels. It cuts some of the scrollwork on the 1st panel, then some on another, maybe some on the 3rd, goes back and cuts more on the 1st, and so forth. It WILL finish all of them, but in no pattern that I can figure out.


Ooooo, pretty!

There’s a theory that it could be a heat dissipation thing.

I’m so glad to hear this worked out. As others have pointed out, you may sometimes see the individual parts of an engrave print in an unexpected order. I’m sorry for the confusion, but I hope they loved the finished product!

Please feel free to start a new thread if you run into any other trouble.