Large engraving

is there a way to engrave with my glowforge on a piece of wood that is larger than the space on the machine?

If you have a Pro, officially you can do boards up to 1/4" thick that are longer than the 12" depth of the bed, but still limited to 20" width.

There are other unofficial (and potentially dangerous) methods you can search for in the forum.


thanks for the quick reply I do not have the pro so I guess I am out of luck

There are a few posts on here where people have made almost puzzle piece connections to join longer pieces…so depending on what you’re trying to make that may be an option


There are ways to use the laser to embellish larger pieces.

Cut a stencil. Use it to paint/sandblast/chemically etch a design on the larger piece.

Engrave a veneer. Inlay the resulting piece into your larger item.

Engrave a rubber stamp. Stamp designs on your larger piece.

Cut vinyl (not pvc vinyl but polyurethane vinyl) and adhere it to your piece.

The possibilities are endless.

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