Large Flame when Cutting, Char on Bottom of Assist fan & Laser head

My machine has a large flame when cutting. I’ve cleaned the crumb tray, the assist fan (didn’t unassembled- it’s clean), the whole machine accentually… my next step is the exhaust fan? Can that cause it?

So my problem is: a large flame when cutting and major char on one of the clear lens on the bottom of the printer head, printer head and base of assist fan.

Has this happened to anyone before. Any suggestions at this point is helpful. I’m cutting 1/4 Wood on 120/full and it’s not cutting through like normal. Lens is placed correctly also. None of my lens seem to be damaged.

I’m so frustrated.

Have you tried to cut a different material?
Have you tried manually typing in the material thickness?
Double check the lens again, just to make sure it isn’t in backward?


Lens has been checked, and double checked. Top of the “bowl” is upward into printer head. It flames less on 1/8 wood but still get some flames.

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When you say ‘1/8" wood’ is any of it Proofgrade that you have tried? Trying to troubleshoot by untangling between possible machine issue vs material issue.

120/Full is pretty hot, depending on the wood you are cutting, which may be causing it to char too much.

How about manually putting in the material thickness?


Do you see the flame being blown forward by the sir assist fan? If so then that is working. I agree with @jamely that 120 speed full power is definitely running it hot. If you really require that much to cut through then perhaps you need to do more than one pass and dial that speed up and power down a bit.


its not 1/8 of an inch. its quarter inch bass. I have never had this problem until recently. I have always used 120/full and it cuts perfect with no flame. I dont know if this helps but it always happens toward the top half of my cut and sometimes on the bottom. I cut this item often as its one of my big sellers. Im wondering if there is a lot of build up on my crumb tray? Its not a large cut 18" half circle- so I feel that is shouldn’t be that strenuous on my machine it literally takes 4 mins.

flame goes in the opposite direction of the way laser is moving. I have never unassembled my assist fan. So it shouldn’t be that. I did make sure it was clean… I looked in the opens on it and dont really see anything on it.

I stand corrected. Even though my fan looked clean it was FILTHY! Looks can be deceiving! I took the screws off and this is what I found. So
If anyone has random high flames even after cleaning assist fan! Take it apart and actually clean it!! :orange_heart:


Thanks for your help! I think it was my assist fan! Absolutely looked clean but I finally gave in and took that bad boy apart and it was a disaster!! Thanks for replying. I appreciate you trying to help me out! :orange_heart: added photos below just in case your interested :joy::joy:


By the way, there’s a “tunnel” that the air flows through after the fan - I’ve had that get pretty clogged. It’s worth looking at.


Oh! Where at? On the arm of my machine or on the assist thingy?! Because I’m sure it needs cleaned too!

How often should I clean my assist fan?

I clean mine about every 30 days and I cut and engrave a lot, Pretty sure you can go 3 months tops… I always take it completely apart and I only dry clean with qtips and wire brush for straws , Ill take a little alcohol to the metal vent

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I’ve never cleaned mine and it doesn’t need it. 5 years coming up.

I don’t make stuff to sell. My GF is another tool in my workshop.


Yeah. I think the air duster or whatever it’s called actually gummed mine up. I won’t use it again. Thanks for the tips :orange_heart:

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Be sure you reinstall the air assist fan in the right direction. I reassembled mine wrong so many times that I finally marked it with a paint pen.

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Depends on what you are doing and materials used.
I can go for quite awhile with leather and acrylic.
Wood is difficult to judge because it all reacts differently in regard to debris, gum, etc.

One thing I did notice when I was into the 3D cut rabbit hole, is that both fans needed cleaning every 8+ projects. A lot of debris is flying around in there with 3D cuts.

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