Large flames after everything is cleaned

Recently, I began having larger than normal flames on several different types of materials - proofgrade acrylic, proofgrade draftboard, as well as non-PG acrylics and woods. I figured it was time for a deep clean, even though everything was relatively clean. The machine is about 6 weeks old and has been cleaned every weekend. We are only “casual” users.

  • I completely disassembled and meticulously cleaned the air assist fan with cue-tips, alcohol, and straw cleaners
  • I cleaned every reachable part of the exhaust fan as well as I could from both sides
  • I used compressed air to blow out the little fan inside the print head.
  • I used a shop vac and air compressor to clean out the vent hose as much as possible
  • I use the GlowForge air filter, and so I put in a brand new spare one.
  • Standard wipe down of the entire inside, including full circumference of the tube
  • Zeiss wipes on all the lenses and mirror. Don’t know if that one over under the far-left side is a lense or a mirror, but zeissed that one, too.

The vent hose is as short as possible with only two less-than-90-degree bends.

Fired the whole thing back up and the first tests on PG Draftboard had the same level of flare up. Here is a short video of a small, 2-inch line being cut on some scrap (now unmasked) PG Draftboard. This is the only cut on the print job, just to demonstrate.

Here is a photo of the air assist fan, as was asked for in another similar thread.

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You appear to have the fan mounted backwards. As I recall, the label should point to the front.


Here is the photo from Glowforge of how the fan should look.


O. M. G. :flushed:

Well, I guess that’s hopefully good news. OK… I’m heading out to the shop to get more practice taking it apart and putting it back together. Will report back…

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I’m sorry that you ran into trouble with your Glowforge. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I’m recommending we send you a replacement carriage plate. I’m going to close this thread, and I’ll be in touch via email to sort out the details.