Large Keepsake Box-false pricing

has anyone experienced the Large Keepsake Box reflecting “Free with premium” but when you click on get design you have to pay $49.99? I reached out to GF and they said

Thank you so much for reaching out. My name is Cheryl with the Customer Success team, and I’m happy to help.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the design you are asking about is actually no longer Free with Premium. It appears that you may be seeing a cached image rather than a “live” version of the page. Please try clearing your cache and cookies and then restarting your browser to get an updated look at the designs that are Free with Premium.
We are always adding more designs that are Free with Premium. I hope you find another design that you love very soon.

i did clear my cache and browser and it still reflects the same thing

Welcome to the community. Perhaps try a different browser? I did not experience what you described when I went to that file.


According to my catalog, the Large Keepsake Box is not in the Free with Premium files. If I remember correctly, it was a Design of the Month. Those files were free for the featured month only. Is this the file you mean?


She is correct.

I was able to get these two images at the same time. It says $14.99 and free with premium but if you go there it says 49.99 and not free with premium. I think it is just FUBAR on the part of someone who needs to fix it.

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