Large VFD Clock Enclosure

I got my hands on these huge 3" vintage VFD tubes last year so I could make a really big clock. I 3D-printed a chassis to hold them and designed my own PCBs.

It came out awesome.

I wanted to make a case for it, but I had to hold off on completing this project until I had my Glowforge. From the time I completed it to the time my Glowforge shipped was about 6 months, so this clock has been a long time in the making.

Now that I finally have my Glowforge I couldn’t wait to finish this up. I really wanted it to look special and have that vintage stereo look. I used all Proofgrade materials, except for the button board on top. I got that from Inventables. I filled in the engraved text with white acrylic paint. I think it came out awesome.

It has an alarm function so I put some holes on the back above the power cord to act as a speaker grill but you can hardly make them out in the picture.

If you want to follow along with the build from start to finish you can check it out HERE on my blog.


I agree that it came out awesome.

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Yep! Looks fantastic! (And it’s large enough that I could probably see it from across the room in the morning!) :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Quite nice!

That looks amazing. The cool buttons on top have such a nice retro look to them.

It surely did!

It looks great!