Larger Glowforge orginizer

If you have not noticed, I really like slide together lap joints.

With this and my obelisk organizer on the other side, all the wasted horizontal space on the :glowforge: is being used.


Even having mine for just a few days I’m watching my self put things on the “shelves” on either side of the lid, good solution!


Nice! Great idea!


Yeah, really need to do something like this. I’ve got small bits and pieces of scrap/off-cuts and settings samples stacked up on both sides. I’m continually either moving them around or making sure they arent blocking the lid, or picking them up off the floor. hahaha.


That’s great! Seems all projects involve so many things … nice to have them organized for quick access.


Really ingenious. Is the top profile angled? It appears in the pic that the front closest to you is shorter than the back, which is a really sleek design. If it is not angled, it is a really sleep design. :wink:


Yes, it very much is. The front is less than half as high as the back.
I’m getting better at this technique if I do say so myself.


Most excellent! :grinning:


It gives it a great look! I thought I was seeing an angle, but just wanted to make sure my eyes are not playing tricks on me.


That scale of that image confused me for a moment. I thought that was behind the GF and was huge!

I broke down last weekend and braved the Florida heat in my woodshop to throw this bad boy together. my material was starting to pile up all around the glowforge. :slight_smile:

I had actually intended to install it horizontally but i really liked it better in the vertical position.

I also ended up not putting a backer on it since I was hanging it on the wall.

If anyone is interested here is the sketchup file: (24.2 KB)


Very nice, I’m needing to do something like this for under the unit.
Won’t be this weekend as I’m a bit stove up from a minor medical procedure but soon.


Sorry to hear, hope everything is alright.

If you do plan on building something like the above, all you need is a good saw and a router and it should only take you a few hours. I used glue and clamps, but you can just as easily screw it all together.

I built mine on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

It also uses less than a full sheet a plywood so you would get a good amount of scrap for the Glowforge if you buy a decent material.


I’ll be fine.
I’ll spend way too much time designing the thing when I should be cutting. That is what I do but I’ll get there.

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I’ll be interested to hear if you get more or less warping with vertical storage. I have to store everything flat to minimise warping. One of the great woodworking debates. :wink:

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Yeah all of my wood in my shop is stored horizontally, however I do not have climate control in my shop.

Since this is inside, I am less concerned with warping, especially since this material has been acclimated to my office for well over a month.

But you never know… I could wake up one day to waves of plywood. :slight_smile:

Ill keep you guys posted.


It’s less about warping as bending. In the leaning vertical mode there’s a gravity vector that will result in bowing (which is different from warping which is moisture induced).

Vertical will work if it is truly vertical and clamping pressure is put on it to keep it from leaning. You can achieve that with some springs & sliding board that will keep the stock in the shelf upright.