Laser all the things big and small

Itty bitty skyline on an itty bitty feather. Why not :grin:


I have to ask: just how bad did that smell? I know you’re not cutting away a lot of material, but you’re still cutting a feather. That couldn’t have been very pleasant.


I didn’t smell a thing when I opened the box. It was just a tiny bit of cutting that lasted a few seconds though.


Ah, you beat me to it! Feathers have been on my to do list for some time. Would you care to share your settings? You can PM them if you’d rather not create a whole new post … and I will totally respect if you don’t want to share :wink:

Very cool experiment!

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I never mind sharing Drea. :slight_smile: I’ve been waiting to gather some feathers and give this a go, but haven’t found any real good ones to experiment with yet. Came home and this little beauty was on my doorstep so I just threw it in the GF. Cut @ lowest height settings, lowest power & fastest speed.


Pretty sure I’ve shared his work on this forum before, but JIC - this guy is local and I see his work all over town:

It’s amazing stuff, and definitely has inspired me to want to explore GF + feathers.


OH WOW, that stuff is amazing!!! I wonder how they keep the feathers together after lazering? I cut a little shape out of my feather and it outside pieces easily fell out.

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No idea how he works his magic… I’m just blown away that they’re all hand cut!


Seriously? That’s awesome!!

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Way Cool!
Keeping the feather intact, I would try a clear coat of some sort on the back.
A resort we like has some resident flamingos, they must have had a smack-down one night because there were some feathers on the ground. I picked up a few and gave one each to my Granddaughters, and ‘Pappy’ kept a couple for the Caribbean collection in the bar. might have to experiment!