Laser Alpha Blingdala

:frowning: I am trying to locate that file …wont make the same mistake again.

thank you :slight_smile: I’ll sure try my best.,

ugh! you literally meant clean. I get it now…the cool grey concrete look vanished., Lol that was so elementary and I feel like a complete amateur thinking it was a moment of origin, like chest beating 'I made fire" UGH!
yeah after a simple wet wipe I was back to the black mat frosted acrylic. FML


:laughing: I figured if I gave you enough time you’d have an ‘clean’ epiphany. (That and I didn’t want to disappoint you by telling you the cool concrete effect was but a fleeting work of art.) Good news is, technically speaking your creation was made with fire. :woman_shrugging:t2: :fire:


Awesome work! I love your use of color. Can I be your Glowforge Girllfriend? You can send all your mistakes to me.

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These are great!

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Thankyou . On it right now :pray:

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