Laser And Arm Stop Moving Mid Project

In the middle of a project the arm of the laser will quit moving and the laser stops cutting. On the program it still looks like the project is running (timer continues counting down) and the machine sound like it’s running, (fan continues) but no actual cut is continued. Then when I manually shut it down, cancel print, move the arm back into place and try to turn it back on it won’t power on until I’ve unplugged and replugged power source. I’ve tried redoing network connection, different electrical outlet, cleaning all parts, etc. to no avail. It did this a few months ago and randomly started working again. But now the problem is back and I have orders to fulfill. Any help would be appreciated. Time of problem today was somewhere between 7-9am HST and again at 12:00 HST.

Did the button glow any particular color? If the unit gets too hot, it does exactly as you described, and once it’s cooled itself down, it will resume.

Reasons it can overheat is if the exhaust fan is stuffed with gunk and can no longer function well, as well like a dryer lint build up in the lines, they should be checked & cleared). Also make sure the right side of the machine has nothing up against it or a that a piece of paper may be stuck on the air intake holes on the bottom of the machine (right side).

There are some threads with great how-to info for cleaning the exhaust fan!


Hi bansai8creations, Yes I have cleaned the exhaust fan as well as everything else that I can think of. There are no different colored lights so I don’t believe it’s overheating. When the arm stops moving the program still registers it as moving and keeps counting down the project. I have my laser located outside so the temperature is 78 degrees. Thank you for the input!

It’s likely overheating. From the tech specs:

Recommended Operating Temperature: 60F-75F (16C-24C) Basic and Plus; 60F-81F (16C-27C) Pro

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I own the Pro Model, so from this I should be able to operate it up to 81 degrees correct? I have my laser located outside and have used it all summer long with no problems. Not sure if this would all of a sudden become a problem.

Lasers are hot. It doesn’t take much to heat the inside of the machine 3 degrees higher than the ambient temperature, and then it needs time to cool back down. If you look through Beyond the Manual you can find some of the solutions folks have come up with, mostly variations on the theme of blowing cooled air into the intake. :slight_smile:


Exactly. Working in an ambient environment so close to the limits, it could take hours to cool back down.

I can’t explain why it would have been fine “in summer”, but support can look at the logs and tell you if that is what was causing the recent issues.


Thank you!! I will check that out!

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Thanks for the help, everyone, and I’m sorry for the late reply here. I’ve extracted the logs from your Glowforge to investigate further, @all4hisglory94. Unfortunately, after reviewing everything, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I’m recommending this one be repaired. I’ll be in touch via email to sort out the details. I’m so sorry about the bad news.