Laser cut Beard Comb? (TinkerCAD)

As silly as it sounded… I could actually see a market for customized beard combs. I mentioned creating one in TinkerCAD and then whipped up this tutorial. Never used one, so I do not have a clue… There are most likely lots of neat ways to tweak the design.

Have not cut it myself yet, but if you want to be the first to test it I have placed the idea on Thingiverse as well.


Very cool! (I’m going to move this into the Tutorials section.) :sunglasses::+1:


In cutting out a living hinge the “leftover” bottom edge made a good comb . It was similar to the look of yours but when you have hard corners the laser stops before turning that makes a bit of a burnout , but even without that, hard inside angles concentrate forces creating a weakness, If it is all curves there is no place that the laser stops, and the forces are spread out so it is stronger than sharp turns,


Quick, simple and fast. Great tutorial.


What do you design with? None of the words you are using are connecting dots with my TinkerCAD thoughts. I am guessing you have a tool that allows you to determine some sweet characteristics in your SVG I do not. Always dig learning new tools. Thanks for the tips!

Had a lot of fun with the idea. Ended up making a 3D printable version that prints in place. It was more of a proof of concept than a final version, but as the video shows, it did work. =)

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Inkscape does things with curves I was never able to do with cad studiously avoiding what is easy in cad, so even measuring is not allowed to stand while doing something else. Thirty years designing with AutoCAD “Squishy stuff” was always a problem and it certainly remains so. I am not sure I fully understand the whole Left-Right brain thing but folk like Disney wont hire you for both , Only “imagineers” are allowed to come up with concepts the are then handed to engineers that have to sort out what bits will work in the actual universe. So they lose opportunities that the Engineers can see but are not allowed to bring, and the vision that is always greater than what works in the universe. The result is always a subset of what is possible.

Inkscape leans heavily to the “imagineer side” so as design you have extra freedom, though I do wish it would do better at both sides of the game. The point I was making however was a direct engineering one. The sharper the inside curve the more concentrated any forces will become. thus a sharp corner will break before even a small curve much less a large one.

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The helps me a ton. I think I am going to really enjoy Inkscape. I used it a little for a T-shirt module I had my students work in. My lab had more than 30 of these modules (lasers, robotics, space, VR, etc) so I have skills in a ton of stuff… All of it is self taught though and I know there are many times I “leave the reservation” for some of my techniques. =)

Thanks for taking the time to share and connect the dots for me!

Beard comb-hAWKS.pdf (35.9 KB)

I made this last month. I drew it up in CAD. Works pretty good on a beard/hair.

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Nice design. Which cad did you use?

Just figured out you were referencing one of the tutorials in the Glowforge Tips and Tricks… Makes a ton more sense now. Thanks again for the tips!

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AutoCAD Utility Design

Nifty. Been a long time since I fiddled with Autocad. I lean hard toward free tools anymore. Hard to get a middle school kid to drop money for anything software related these days.

Yeah I totally understand. I use my CAD software I’ve for work. =)

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Sometimes my dyslexia makes me laugh. I read the title as “Laser cut Bread Comb” and I was like what the helI is that?! :thinking:


Ha ha ha! Thanks.

LOL! Live in that same world! :rofl:

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