Laser-cut calipers

More tools that we could make with on the Glowforge:

DIY precision tools (Just Add Sharks)

Calipers and radius guides.


Haha…but i just bought digital readout one. :frowning:

Ah well. Can always use a back up. :slight_smile:

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Love this. I’ve seen that caliper but the radius guide is new! Thanks for the share!

Very sweet. I was down at the Precision Museum last week, and now I want to make some go/no-go guides. Those could be cut almost instantly with a laser if only you have a project that needed them.


The first ancillary purchase after ordering a Glowforge was a digital calipers. Made all the difference on my bandsaw build. I’d love to be able to do acrylic calipers to give away. Now it seems will have to go to Vermont to this museum. I’ve been flirting with the machinists videos while pining for my Glowforge.

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this sparks an idea for me to make custom caliper for models so you can easily measure in scale


did anyone download the calipers file? Just add sharks closed in 2017.