Laser-cut edges for embroidered patches?

One of the things I’m hoping to use my Glowforge to do is to laser-cut the edges of embroidered patches. The materials would be polyester thread and nylon fabric, with a depth of less than 1/8". Are these materials feasible for use with the Glowforge?

Hey I noticed your post was orphaned. Sorry. I hope you found an answer in the other discussions. If not, there are loads so links out there to see what materials cut well and what don’t. One instructible said that t-shirts work well but a little polyester in the blend helps get a sealed edge. Also can get some fabric sealer at the fabric store that is made to fuse ends and not ravel. It seems the CO2 laser of the Glowforge will work well with lots of different fabrics but you have to check materials specs. Chemical composition has to be checked out. Nylon should be good. I’m wondering about fleece. I’ve seen some examples of laser marked fleece. I am looking forward to turning it loose in the sewing room.

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Thanks for posting! I’m really hoping it works. I’ve got big plans!

It not only should work, but ought to also prevent the edges from fraying like would happen with scissor cutting.

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Ive cut many different materials in my laser. Felt, fleece, cotton, denim, poly blends, canvas and more. Its the best thing since sliced bread!! You can cut small pieces precisely and the edges are clean with no fraying. You can even do multiple layers of thinner materials. It doesnt do so well for flamable stuff like lycra or nylon as it shrinks away from the heat of the laser and can cause flareups that can damage your lense.