Laser Cut Equal Space Divider


I saw this cool thing on reddit and thought to myself “this doesn’t look too complicated to recreate.” Within 15 minutes I had it designed and cut.


You can buy them from aircraft tool suppliers as “rivet spacers”, but yours is way cooler.


I’ve got a couple of the metal ones…that one is much cooler! :grinning:


Well done! :clap:t2:


I love it! Especially with the action shot.


Awesome! My girlfriend woke me up this morning to show me the metal one thats been going around. I guess I know what ill be doing with 30 mins of my day lol



Here’s what I drew up. It could stand to have some improvements made.


oh wow! awesome man. You just saved me a bunch of time. Thank you!


This is awesome!


Loved the clip! Very cool that you were able to just whip it up!